Our team in Melbourne and Sydney is comprised of industry leading experts in family and relationship law.

We have 12 lawyers specialising in family and relationship law.

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, we are one of the largest teams of family law specialists and one of the fastest growing law firms in the country.

Many of our Solicitors are former partners at renowned family and relationship law firms in both Melbourne and Sydney. Several Solicitors at Australian Family Lawyers formerly held the position of Head of Family law at large full service and specialist family law firms.

We have four (4) Accredited specialists, a number of outstanding Associates and high-achieving junior lawyers supported by an experienced management team that prioritises innovation and client service.

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At Australian Family Lawyers, our promise is that you will see highly qualified & experienced family lawyers.

Plain-Language Help

We know that the law is complex, but we will do our very best to make it as easy as we can for you to understand every step.

Fixed Legal Fees

We know that you’re probably concerned about legal fees. We not only advise you of our fees, but on certain types of services, we provide a fixed fee.

A little bit about us

Australian Family Lawyers operates exclusively in divorce and separation, property settlement and children’s matters. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience and the specialised knowledge and skill to deal with any family law matter. Our team of well-educated and highly qualified lawyers includes Accredited Family Law Specialists who are experts in family law and understand the sensitivities associated with divorce and separation.

We offer family law services in:


Seeking legal advice early, even prior to separation, can minimise the risk of making decisions that may adversely impact your legal position. We can guide you through the process of applying for divorce and the legal effect of divorce.


We have the expertise to help you resolve property matters following separation, including advice as to your entitlements, negotiating a just and equitable settlement, or litigating at Court if necessary.


We can assist with resolving children’s matters including parenting orders, parenting plans, re-location issues, and who children should live with and how much time they spend with each parent.


Spousal Maintenance is financial support for a person following the breakdown of a relationship. We provide legal advice in relation to applying for and defending spousal maintenance applications.


Same-sex & de facto couples can now enjoy virtually the same rights as married couples under the Family Law Act in relation to property & children’s matters. Our lawyers are experienced in this area.


Family violence is an ever increasing area of concern. Our experienced lawyers can provide the legal and emotional support to assist you apply for or defend an Intervention Order at Court.


Understanding your legal rights regarding how much child support you should receive or pay can be confusing. We can help you navigate the child support minefield and advise you of your rights.


Our accredited mediator can help you and your spouse mediate to resolve children or property issues following separation, without the need to go to Court.



Helping you choose the best path forward

In family law, everyone’s situation is different. We don’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to family law, but rather treat your family law issues as unique, requiring intervention based upon the objectives you wish to reach.



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