So, you're thinking about separation?

That's a decision that we understand doesn't come lightly. We know that you're probably overwhelmed with the emotional turmoil that comes with making that decision, but it is important to get some advice before you make the move.

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For those who have just separated!

The breakdown of a personal relationship, whether marriage or de facto, can be one of the most distressing and emotionally challenging episodes in a person’s life.

Whether it’s the separation or divorce stage, you need lawyers who specialise in family law, and at Australian Family Lawyers our only focus is this area. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, from the eastern to western suburbs and beyond, we’re here to provide services with the sensitivity required in such difficult times.

Often, there are a number of issues at play at any given time and if not handled carefully can often flare up and make matters considerably worse. In our experience, by seeking legal advice early, preferably prior to separation you’re able to minimise the risk of making decisions that may adversely impact upon your legal position.

Generally speaking, there are a number of things you should think about prior to separation:

Look After Yourself

The trauma of separation and ultimately, divorce, has been considered to parallel with the stages of recovery of the death of a loved one. Seeking professional assistance from a counsellor can provide the necessary emotional support that is often needed to move forward positively.

Consider the Children

Children are also affected by separation, so separating couples need to consider this in their approach to the relationship breakdown. Separating couples should discuss the best way to talk to their children about it all and further how they can both preserve their individual relationship with their children. Just because mum and dad may not love each other anymore doesn’t mean that they love the children any less. These conversations will need to look at the time the children will spend with each of them post separation.

Inform their school or childcare

Letting those who care for your children know about your separation is important, but often forgotten.

Consider living arrangements after separation

Preparation makes very good sense in many respects, but this is perhaps the most important. The last thing you want to happen is for there to be a situation where you and your children need to flee the home without knowing where you will go. You and your children may be able to stay in the home following separation and your spouse move out. It is important to know your rights about this early on.

Consider how best to handle your joint financial obligations post separation

Getting some advice on this is important so that you can plan ahead and have some financial security following separation.

Consider your assets, liabilities and superannuation

You need to consider all the full spectrum of financial arrangements and obligations that you and your partner currently have. Moreover, if you have nominated your spouse as a beneficiary of superannuation, life insurance or death benefits you will need to promptly change this. You should also make amendments to your current estate plan, such as your will. Should/can you make changes to companies, trusts and bank account holders/signatories?

Be prepared

If you are leaving your Melbourne or Sydney marital home, it’s important that you make sure you take all the things that are important to you. In this regard, we’re not necessarily talking about your favourite furniture, but rather important documents of yours and the children’s such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates as well as photos and other things of sentimental value.

It is also advisable to get copies of yours and your spouse’s financial documents, such as bank statements, superannuation statements and tax returns. Our lawyers are able to advise you about what documents you should try and obtain prior to separation/divorce.

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