Professional Domestic Asset Protection Lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne

A relationship breakdown can mean many things. With any breakdown can come worry, anticipation and precaution – not only this but you could be especially stressed if children are involved. When you co-own assets, you may be worried that your share will be immediately passed on to your spouse when your marriage breaks down; otherwise, you may be wondering about what spousal or child maintenance costs are due to you.

Instead of dealing with the worry alone – and being kept in the dark about specific legal processes – work with the team at Australian Family Lawyers, who will provide professional support and legal advice during the course of your settlement. Before you sign your marriage papers, take the logical step and organise a domestic asset protection program.

Our asset protection lawyers’ point of difference

Experts at the intricacies of the Australian legal system – and of state-by-state variations – we are able to provide support and advice that is tailored to your unique needs. As every situation is different, your case requires a sensitive and caring touch that respects the finer details and work in your best interests.

Before your commitment, we give you peace of mind that, in the unfortunate case anything will go wrong, you’ll both be protected as much as possible. Whether you are looking to protect a sum of money, property, or something else entirely, we can provide you end-to-end assistance through the whole process.

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We are ready to assist you develop an agreement that is amicable to both you and your spouse. We’re highly trained in the field and, as we only practice family law, we provide dedicated and highly specialised legal care that attends to your precise needs.

For your complete satisfaction, our lawyers offer you a free initial consultation in either our Sydney or Melbourne office. From here, we will help you navigate a plan-of-action to safeguard your assets and ensure that, if something does go wrong, you will be as secure as possible.

If you live in Melbourne, please call (03) 9993 7184 or, in Sydney, call (02) 9186 8135.